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I am Your Key West Real Estate Buyers Agent

As a Buyer’s Agent, which saves you money, I negotiate contracts in your best interest & work for you – not the Seller. You’ll receive the best in professional real estate services, at absolutely no cost to you

Buyer's Agent Services Guarantee
Some real estate agents tend to limited the number of homes that they offer or only present their own listings. I'll present to you all properties listed for sale on the market and help you make comparisons based on value and location.
Explain the standard Florida real estate contracts and the entire home purchase process, and we'll discuss the "As Is Right to Inspect" addendum to a purchase contract and the value of a home inspection.
Prior to making an offer to purchase a specific home, I’ll conduct research and advise you on whether there are any pending issues that may impact future value.

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Advantages of Using an Experienced Real Estate Agent to BUY Your Home

New home buyers can be overcome by the process. Families searching for a home will have to not only find a suitable house, they will have to ensure that home is both affordable and sound. That includes scheduling inspections, securing financing, choosing a title company, determining the true market value of a property and making a reasonable purchase offer. The good news is you can have someone do this on your behalf.

Otherwise, you will spend nearly every waking hour on your home search and purchase. Here are the advantages of using an experienced real estate agent to buy your home: Finding a home fitting your wants and needs. Though it may sound simple to browse the Internet and find several potential homes, it takes many

A professional real estate agent has a tool known as the “MLS” or Multiple Listing Service. This tool is exclusive to licensed agents. It allows a buyer’s agent to target specifics such as location, square footage, number of room and bathrooms and amenities. Determining the fair market value. Just because a home is “listed” at a certain price does not mean the home will sell for that amount. Many sellers’ agents will price the home just above market value to have room to negotiate. Pricing a home over market value also helps the seller (and the seller’s agent) to maximize profits.

A competent buyer’s agent will tell you what a home is really worth. Protecting your interests. Repairs may be necessary. You need a professional that is familiar with negotiating repair costs. An experienced real estate agent will get you monetary “concessions” to make repairs yourself or will arrange for the seller to make the repairs prior to closing. What’s more, an experienced real estate agent can point out where emotions might be driving a bad decision.

Having someone to represent you will prevent a bidding war when unnecessary. Navigating the paperwork. In the home buying process, oodles of paperwork will be involved. An experienced agent can explain and in most cases, complete the paperwork for you. Expertise at the right price. You won’t have to pay a commission to your buying agent. The seller must pay both his agent and yours. For no cost, your agent will identify possible code problems, ensure a smooth closing and keep records throughout the process.

With an experienced buyer’s agent, the home buying process can pleasant and sound. For more information about affordable lower keys real estate please contact me


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